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WPICTF 2019 Reversing

Task run_s0m3_w4r3z was a task from WPI CTF 2019. Task description: Solving I won't be goin...

Marcodowno & Marcozuckerbergo

Midnight Sun CTF 2019

Marcodowno & Marcozuckerbergo Author: Karol Baryła (aka Lorak_) In those 2 challs we are gi...


Midnight Sun CTF 2019

Rubenscube Author: Karol Baryła (aka Lorak_) Task from Midnight Sun CTF 2019 Quals In this cha...


WPICTF 2019 Reversing

wPI Author: Karol Baryła (aka Lorak_) ---Writeup not finished---- wPI was a task from WPI CTF ...


WPICTF 2019 Linux

suckmore-shell Author: Karol Baryła (aka Lorak_) suckmore-shell was a task from WPI CTF 2019. T...


WPICTF 2019 Linux

wannasigh Author: Karol Baryła (aka Lorak_) wannsigh was a task from WPI CTF 2019. Task descrip...

zer0mi write-up

0CTF 2019 zer0mi

zer0mi DISCLAIMER: Linear algebra heavy write-up Intro As in task description I searched for M...

Crypto (short)

Midnight Sun CTF 2019

EASYDSA In the code there is (k=genu*m(mod q)), so if we can get (k=1) decoding other stuff will...


Midnight Sun CTF 2019

Hfs-mbr In this challange we were given a disk image containing Bootloader + FAT32 filesystem. O...


Midnight Sun CTF 2019

Hfs-Dos This challenge is continuation of Hfs-mbr task. In this challenge our goal was to print...


WPICTF 2019 pwn

Source Author: Paweł Wieczorek (aka cerber-os) Part 1. In the first part of this challenge we ...


WPICTF 2019 Hardware

coffeegate Author: Paweł Wieczorek (aka cerber-os) In this challenge we were given an image con...


FireShell 2020

Coronacaptcha By Michał Szopiński Goal The goal of this challenge was to create a script capab...


Midnight Sun CTF 2019

Hfs-vm In this challenge we were given program emulating custom architecture. After decompilatio...